Our Carpet Care Tips

Follow these simple steps and your carpet will feel great, look wonderful and last for years.
Your carpet is major part of your house, taking care of it will not only help your investment it will also improve your home environment.

Vacuum frequently – The most important thing you can do to keep your carpet looking great is to vacuum it thoroughly and frequently, particularly in high traffic areas. During everyday use, soil clings to carpet fibers and dulls the carpet’s beauty. These particles accumulate and mute the carpet’s original colour.

To protect your carpet, vacuum entrance areas and high-traffic areas twice a week and the rest of the carpeting at least weekly.

Start with a clean bag and filter – A dirty bag, dirt cup or filter can cut a vacuum’s suction power in half. The main reason bagless vacuums stop working is that the filters aren’t changed often enough. Replace or wash (if possible) the filters on bagless vacuums every three months. Replace vacuum bags when they’re three-quarters full.

Vacuum at the right speed – Vacuum slowly enough to get out as much dirt as possible. Make one quick pass over low-traffic areas and two slow passes over high-traffic areas. Two slow passes removes ground-in dirt more effectively than several fast passes.

Use walk-off mats – Using mats at entrances to minimize dirt being tracked onto the carpet and to reduce soil accumulation. Coarse-textured mats outside your doors remove soil. Water-absorbent mats inside prevent wet shoes on the carpeting.

Clean up spills promptly – Trying to rub out a stain just pushes the spill into the pile and causes fibers to mat. Instead, blot up spills by covering the area with a clean towel or a thick pad of paper towels. Press down with the heel of your hand. Repeat using dry towels until all the liquid has been absorbed. If the spill is large, use a wet-dry vacuum (if available) to remove most of the material before blotting.

Make your own spot-cleaning solution by diluting a few drops of clear hand-dishwashing soap in water. (Laundry detergent is too alkaline and creamy-looking, hand-dishwashing soaps may leave a sticky residue.) Use less than 1/4 teaspoon per litre.

Rinse To remove colored spills or spot-cleaning solutions, such as soapy water or vinegar, either mist the area with clean water, or blot it with a wet towel. Then blot area with a dry towel. Repeat these two steps until no more residue comes out. Do not rub, or the carpet fibers may become matted.

Why professional cleaning is important – When vacuuming no longer removes all of the soil, or stains remain, it’s time to call a professional carpet cleaner.

We recommend professional cleaning at least every 1-2 years, depending on traffic and carpet colour. If you have cats, dogs or kids it may be more often and lighter carpet shades or high traffic areas may require more frequent professional cleaning.

Having the carpet cleaned professionally by the an industrial standard system returns your carpet back to its new condition or as close to that as possible (depending on age and wear).

Getting it back to top condition helps ‘reset’ the carpet’s life getting you more years out of it.

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