We clean Carpets, curtains, furniture, mattresses and Rugs

We service all types of properties including Residential & Commercial, with all our years of experience we know exactly how to get your place clean.

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In your home you and your family are in constant contact with the carpets, furniture and mattresses. Getting them professionally cleaned ensures they are sanitized and free of dust mites, bed bugs and allergens – it is recommended to do this every 12-24 months.

Letitia Andrews – 5 Star Rating on our Facebook Page

“Got my carpets Cleaned by these wonderful carpet cleaners!!

People who lived in house before us had loads of cats inside and had stains all over the carpet. Cavendish Carpet Care managed to get all stains out! And made our Carpets look new again!

Janine and Grant were lovely to deal with!! She even showed me when she was finished how dirty our carpets were! I can’t believe I had my daughter crawling on my carpets that filthy!

Need your carpets cleaned I recommend Cavendish Carpet Care!!”

Paulette – 100% Rating on NoCowboys.co.nz

“Last Saturday night one of our commercial buildings was completely flooded. We needed our tenants to be able to return to work on Monday morning. We called Cavendish Carpet Care on Sunday morning and they came and sucked out 1000 litres of water from our carpets, working well into the night for us. They did an amazing job and the old carpets have come up lovely after a clean also. The bill was very reasonable especially with the work being done on a Sunday. Thank you so much to your team, you absolutely helped us with a very difficult situation. I would highly recommend to all.”


Work environments are often neglected areas for cleanliness despite the amount of time we spend there and high traffic they experience. Getting the carpets professionally cleaned improves the appearance, eliminates odors and increases their longevity, saving money.

End Of Tenancy

We have a tailored ‘End of Tenancy’ package to get your place sanitized and ready for the new tenants to keep your investment in top condition. If you are a tenant this service helps get the property back to the original condition ensuring you get your bond back.

Tanya – 100% Rating on NoCowboys.co.nz

“Below is the text message I sent to Cavendish Carpet Cleaners after the second house they blew my mind with! I didn’t think the carpet in this once beautiful home, wrecked by feral tenants, was ‘salvageable’. Text: “Thanks TONS for such a fantastic job once again Janine, you guys are true professionals!! VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.” Honestly, the text doesn’t do these guys justice. I won’t even consider using anyone else in the future, if it can be cleaned these guys WILL go the extra mile, and GET IT CLEAN.”

Amy-Leigh Sidney Rockhouse – 5 Star Rating on our Facebook Page

“Organised to have carpets cleaned before we moved into the new house, all went to plan it was easy and stress free and one less thing to worry about to clean when we moved in. We moved our family and children into a house with clean and dry carpets. Highly recommended.”

Moving House

If you are selling your place get the carpets and curtains professionally cleaned to improve the appearance of the house and eliminate any odors that might be present. Getting it done at the house you are moving into also ensures it is a truly clean environment for your family.

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