Best Carpet Mould Treatments

Mold Removal in Christchurch is something we specialize in as certified professionals.
In order to provide mold remediation services, we assess the cause of mold and then proceed with cleaning the mold damage.

Factors That Contribute To Mold Growth


Those who fail to completely dry wet carpets increase the dampness and excessive moisture, which leads to mold growth. There are several common causes of water damage, flooding, roof leaks, indoor plumbing, and building maintenance problems such as poorly ventilated laundry rooms and bathrooms.

The growth of mold can be caused by water ingress, overflowing sinks, or pipe leaks, and it may appear on ceilings, walls, or even carpets. Grout lines and silicon sealants can darken due to mold. A black or dark-brown spot appears with spores that release an unpleasant smell, causing an allergic reaction.

If not treated immediately, mold and mildew can pose potential health hazards to your residential or commercial property


For residential and commercial properties, mold remediation in Christchurch is available.

In addition to providing mold remediation services to a range of properties, we have also worked with:

•Office spaces and smaller main street stores where commercial entities operate.
•From large houses to small flats in residential properties.
•A wide range of industries and manufacturing facilities in Christchurch.
•Schools, a kindergarten, and other public buildings in Christchurch.


Mold specialists and mildew removal specialists are available all over Christchurch on an emergency basis.

Contact With Us

Our team of experienced and certified technicians will work diligently to clean every nook and cranny of your carpets, leaving them refreshed and looking like new again. In addition, we also offer a wide range of other services such as upholstery cleaning, pet stain removal, and more.


“It is highly recommended that you work with Janine and Grant’s team. After my house was flooded with water, they did an excellent job extracting the water and making the place safe for us. It was a pleasure to deal with them. They were very professional, fast and friendly. Their quote was the best and the service was excellent. The team have been very helpful to me and I am very grateful for all their help. They have done an excellent job for me.”- Kishore Ravuri


“There was an overflow in the bathroom, and all the carpet in our bedroom was wet. During the cleaning process, we called Cavendish Carpet Care”. Upon receiving the call, they responded immediately and arrived. As well as helping us with our insurance claim, they also assist us with the process. Thanks to Grant, Janine, and the team for all their help, we are very thankful.” – monal patel


“We can’t express how delighted we are with Cavendish Carpet Care and the team!  If you’re looking for the best service/price, you’ve come to the right place. Their quote was the best, and the service was perfect. Go, team! They did a fantastic job cleaning and repairing our carpet for our end of the lease” .-Alec Jolliffe

“Grant and Janine were amazing – very easy to communicate with, rescheduled my appointment without a problem when I was unable to make it at the original time. It was exactly 9 am when they arrived. They accommodated my early departure needs and emailed me a copy of the receipt. Additionally, I had ill-advisedly treated a coffee stain on my carpet with a high-PH chemical solution. I would really like to thank them for restoring it to a brand new condition – it really looks as good as it did when it was new. I’m extremely satisfied with the work they do and their professionalism. I’d highly recommend their services.: -Gabbie Smith

Processes for removing mold and remediating it

As part of our job, we remove excessive humidity from indoors, purify the air circulation, and remove the visible and airborne mold to ensure your premise is mold-free.

a. Inspection of the mold
The infrared imaging cameras are used by our mold remediation specialists to determine whether mold or mildew is present. Various factors will be considered when composing our inspection reports, such as temperature, humidity, dew point temperature readings, moisture levels, particle counts, and infrared imaging.

b. The cleaning of mold by a professional
Mold is removed physically from the affected area, then the walls, floor, and ceiling are restored to their original conditions. There are a number of ways to remove physical mold, including removing it from concrete, timber, roofing, and brickwork. Afterward, we fog the roofs and subfloors to eliminate airborne mold spore contamination and prevent the spread of the spores. As well as heating and dehumidifying the damp areas, we also treat them with heaters and dehumidifiers.

c. Restoration of site content
We will inspect the contents of your house or commercial property and let you know if they can be restored. It is possible that a few contents may not be reparable in the event that the area was affected by water damage. In addition to blinds, shutters, curtains, beds, tables, picture frames, leather items, wardrobes, coffee tables, entertainment units, shoes, and bags, we also restore bicycles and other vehicles.

d. Ventilation is provided appropriately and timely.
The IICRC has outlined guidelines for safe mold cleaning services and our team follows them strictly. In order to keep the area mold-free and clean with fresh air circulation, we provide appropriate ventilation. Our team is IICRC certified and follows their guidelines strictly.