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The Best Way To Clean Fabric Upholstery Cleaning In Christchurch


We begin our furniture fabric cleaning process by inspecting your furniture for any stains and fabric requirements, including sofas, chairs, recliners, and cushions.

Due to our experience working with almost every material known to humankind, we can ensure your upholstery remains in tip-top condition without diluting its original color. We have organic solvents that will lift dirt better than most harsh chemicals on the market today. In order to remove any remaining dirt and debris from the fibers, we use hot water after the solution soaks into the fiber’s particles. The fabric is fully dried, and we apply either a Scotchgard coat for extra protection or an anti-microbial layer to prevent future stains and reduce germ and allergen spread.

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Please accept our sincere thanks for making Cavendish Carpet Care your #1 choice for upholstery cleaning in Christchurch. In addition to helping people in Canterbury maintain the cleanest furniture around, we are looking forward to many more years to come.

More than just a piece of furniture, a comfy couch offers comfort and convenience. This is a piece of jewelry that you can carry with you all the time. It is your tradition to invite guests over to your home and invite them to sit.


In addition to relaxing while you sink into the davenport cushions, you’ll also forget about the outside world. There can be a lot of hassle involved in cleaning the fabrics of many upholstery items. Furthermore, consumer-grade cleaning products do not restore furniture as well as they could.

With the help of Cavendish Carpet Care  you can achieve the maximum level of cleaning with the least amount of effort. The finest organic chemical solutions are used by our experienced technicians to renew your upholstery for the cleanest, freshest feel and appearance.

Cavendish Carpet Care is certified. It’s good to know you’re in good hands.

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Our team of experienced and certified technicians will work diligently to clean every nook and cranny of your carpets, leaving them refreshed and looking like new again. In addition, we also offer a wide range of other services such as upholstery cleaning, pet stain removal, and more.

Best Christchurch And Canterbury Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Service

For fabric cleaning of your furniture, including sofa cleaning, chair cleaning, recliner cleaning, and cushion cleaning, we begin by inspecting the fabric for stains and fabric requirements.

As a result of our extensive experience in working with pretty much any material known to humanity, we can employ the most precise methods to keep your upholstery in top condition without dilution of the original color. The organic solvents we use lift dirt more effectively than many harsh chemical alternatives available on the market. As the solution soaks up dirt and debris, hot water is used to extract any remaining particles. All remaining water is then removed from the fabric before applying a Scotchgard coat or an anti-microbial layer to prevent any future stains and prevent the spread of allergens and germs.

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One Of The Best & Affordable Canterbury Mattress Cleaning Company

We spend more time on our mattresses than anything else in our homes. As a result, dead skin cells and debris can burrow in to the mattress fibres. This causes smelly odors to permeate deep into the layers of the mattress itself from the pores of the skin.  Sleeping in this stuff is not very healthy! It is no secret that bedbugs can be a problem.

It is expected that many mattresses will last a long time beyond their usual use. Many people, however, replace stain-ridded mattresses or parasite-infested bed padding before the padding wears out due to improper maintenance.

It is important for all Christchurch and Canterbury residents to understand the benefits of a hygienic mattress to their health and well-being. The cleaning and sanitizing of both sides of the mattress is a part of our standard process.


Cleaning and sanitizing mattresses in Christchurch is something that our competitors seldom commit to as a matter of course. Mattresses are kept cleaner for longer as a result. Natural cleaning solvents are used in all our processes, so there is no danger of noxious fumes or hazardous chemicals. A mattress cleaning takes about an hour to dry, so you can relax and use and sleep on your bed again almost immediately after making the bed.

Cavandish Carpet Care Christchurch offers the best eco-friendly cleaning alternatives for all your home and office upholstery and furniture cleaning needs. In addition to feeling and looking cleaner, your fabrics will be more hygienic and safer for the entire family.
You can have the items cleaned at your home or we can pick them up and return them with our delivery service.

The best mattress, furniture, and fabric upholstery cleaners in Canterbury is right here for you. We are 100% insured to provide carpet cleaning services in Christchurch and Canterbury. Massachusetts. Providing each customer with the best possible service is something we take great pride in.

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